SCIENCE: Hollywood's Most Handsome Face

Hollywood Sign Begins Month-Long Makeover

Science has confirmed that George Clooney is the most handsome man.

The Men Who Stare At Goats Red Carpet - 66th Venice Film Festival

Mathematicians measured the facial features of hundreds of Hollywood’s leading actors. Clooney has an almost perfectly symmetrical face. His score of 92 percent ranks him first.

One of the lowest ranked actors is Peter Dinklage, the little person star of Game of Thrones. His acting talent overcomes his shortcomings in the looks department. (Daily Mail)

The hottest guys ranked are:

  1. George Clooney 92.0

  2. Bradley Cooper 91.8

  3. Brad Pitt 90.5

  4. Harry Styles 89.5

  5. David Beckham 89.0

  6. Will Smith 89.0

  7. Idris Elba 88.0

  8. Ryan Gosling 87.5

  9. Zayn Malik 86.5

  10. Jamie Foxx 85.5

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