The Odds of Falling In Love On Any Given Day

A new report claims your odds of meeting someone you could fall in love with on any given day are 1 in 562.  And that's if you don't even try. The number one thing you can do to improve your odds is date online.  It ups your chances by 17%.

She also found seven things you can do to give yourself even better odds . . . and online dating is number one.

Using an online dating site ups your chances by 17%.  Hanging out with coworkers and their friends is next at 16%.  And talking to people at the gym is third at 15%.

Meeting people through a shared interest or hobby gives you an 11% boost.  Talking to people at bars, 9% . . . meeting your friends' friends, 4% . . . and being set up on dates by a family member only gives you a 1% boost. 

(Daily Mail)

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