Life Changing Life Hacks

Buzzfeed has put together this list of life changing life hacks and they seem incredible! Here are some of our favorites. 

1. Use a straw to make sure you get butter ~all throughout~ your movie popcorn, instead of just on top.

2. When you microwave leftovers, shape your food into a ring to make it heat faster and more evenly — instead of just piling everything together.

3. Punch in the tabs at the ends of your foil and plastic wrap to make it easier to pull-and-tear without pulling the whole roll out of the box.

4. Keep your house warmer during the cooling months by just flipping the switch on your fan, instead of leaving the fans turned off.

5. Cut open your "empty" beauty products to get all the extra product out of them, instead of just tossing the tubes.

6. Wash and dry your socks in mesh lingerie bags, and you'll never lose a single sock again.

7. Quickly dump the remains of your box of cereal in a colander so you don't have to suffer through a bowl that's half soggy crumbs.

Click here to check out the full list! 

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