Best Movie That Has "Spirit & Story" Of Each State

Minnesota - "FARGO"  Of course, I don't even own a wood-chipper!!

Wisconsin - "Bridesmaids"  WHAT!? Sconies get this great movie???

Iowa - "Field Of Dreams"  Really?!! This is getting ridiculous! Another great movie!

South Dakota - "Badlands" Great actors, never seen it. Would have thought "North By Northwest"

North Dakota - "Three Faces West"  1940, no other movie since 1940 best fits No Dak? Okay.

"Entertainment Weekly" put together a list of movies that best represent the "spirit and story" of each state.  Here are the highlights:


Arizona:  "Raising Arizona"  (1987)


California:  "Chinatown"  (1974)


District of Columbia:  "All the President's Men"  (1976)


Florida:  "Scarface"  (1983)


Georgia:  "Deliverance"  (1972)  (Ouch?)


Idaho:  "Napoleon Dynamite"  (2004)


Illinois:  "The Blues Brothers"  (1980)


Iowa:  "Field of Dreams"  (1989)


Kansas:  "The Wizard of Oz"  (1939)


Massachusetts:  "The Departed"  (2006)


Minnesota:  "Fargo"  (1996)


Nevada:  "The Hangover"  (2009)


New York:  "Do the Right Thing"  (1989)


Ohio:  "Heathers"  (1989)


Oklahoma:  "Oklahoma"  (1955)


Pennsylvania:  "Rocky"  (1976)


Texas:  "Giant"  (1956)


Vermont:  "Dead Poets Society"  (1989)


Washington:  "Twilight"  (2008)


Wisconsin:  "Bridesmaids"  (2011)

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