Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 8.18- 8.20

kicked off this weekend with my boots on at a Finally Friday in Hastings. The people here were straight out of a Toby Keith music video. Rowdy+Sassy+Country. My.Kinda.Peeps. 

Shout out to Rita- Long Time Fan of the Station. Now, Im a Long Time Fan of Hers. 

Saturdays are for the STRONG! Coach Austin and I went toe to toe in our basement gym:  "The Other Gym" 

You IMPRESSED? Psh- you should have seen my bar #strongisthenewskinny 

We FINALLY experienced all that is HyVee #mindblown

I. Am. In. Love. 

food is fresh- Minnesota neighbors filled with Sunday smiles- farmers market rockin'

AND DID YOU SEE THIS -------> 'MERICA KIT KATS! Can life get any better (news flash: Im obsessed with Kit Kats... its a problem) 

Redneck nation unite! I found where all the country hillbillies hang in the summer. Its the State Fair Mini with pups, bows, camo and mini donuts. 

Got myself a nice new backpack from East+West USA- camo so you can't see me when I got it on. PLUS I added an American Flag patch for PRIDE reasons. 

Pup at Game Fair is my Sunday spirit animal

Just Chillin but doesn't wanna miss a thing

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