Get Your Pet's Face on These Swimsuits! [Kickstarter]

Have you always wanted to let everyone at the beach or pool that you have a pet?

What if I told you that now you can display your pet's face...on your swimsuit!

 A Kickstarter campaign is making it happen.

Based in Sydney, Australia the company originally had a goal of $12,000, but it has already surpassed that goal by over $20,000!

What you have to do is take a photo of your pet, upload it to Petflair’s website, and create a design based on the colors, background patterns, and styles you’re interested in. They have multiple versions of swimsuits for guys and girls. You can also customize other things as well!

The company is currently taking pre-orders to have your puppy-clad towel or cat-plastered purse arrive just in time for Christmas. You can go HERE for their Kickstarter page. It could be worth the investment for next summer!

SOURCE: Travel and Leisure

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