Couple Wishes Granddaughter A Good Day At Work In The Most Adorable Way

Melting. Heart. Moment. 

I remember my parents waving at me as I went to school on the big yellow bus. These grandparents take it to a whole new level. 

***The video lasts only four seconds, and it’s easy to miss Smith’s grandfather waving at her from behind a wall on his property.

The feel-good message that underlines the clip has sent it viral.

Smith said her grandparents began the morning ritual when she started work at her first “proper job.”

“They said they were so proud of me,” she told HuffPost. “They just started going out every morning and waving me on my way to work.”

“It makes me smiles every day seeing them do this for me,” she added****

Loving this. 

Source: Huffington Post 

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