Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans In 5 Photos 10.13-10.15

birthdays have always been BIG in my family. OVER THE TOP + SURPRISES + LOTS OF LOVIN' 

My man turned ::YUP:: the BIG 2-5 over the weekend and I wanted to do something a little special. He was given a little note with a TIME written on it. When the clock struck the EXACT time labeled on the card he was to open it to find out what was coming up next. **All cards contained things he loves** 

For the weekend Im Calling Dibs- Let The Games Begin 

Took 3 days to open all the mystery cards-----> here were a few of my favorites: 

25 is made for..... 

You Time/Coffee/Amazing Dinners/Renting a Car/Adventures/Celebrating 

25 is made for RENTING A CAR! 

Our on going joke was that being "a little" made me his chauffeur in life but 25 marks his own right to RENT A CAR like a big boy. In honor of this monumental moment, I surprised him with an afternoon of GO-CARTING!  

Yes... he lapped me twice. Driving skills need a little work. 

25 is made for ADVENTURE

I surprised him with a hike to chill at the falls. Being outside and seeing something new is our thing. Cool Pics + Mother Nature Doin Her Thing made for a great day date

No birthday would be complete without a few drinks to celebrate. You wanna sip on something HOT and SO DIFFERENT you have to stop at: MADISON AVE. WINE AND SPIRITS

The theme is sexy with a twist. Grab a "First Kiss" drink or "Hot & Bothered" Bottle. The drinks are strong and TRUST me lead to a damn good night. ;) 

Happy 25th Gladiator!! 

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