National Toy Hall of Fame Name's 2017 Inductees

Back in September, the National Toy Hall of Fame announced their 12 nominees for this year's class.  They just announced the THREE toys that got enough votes from their panel of experts, historians, and teachers to make it in. 

The National Toy Hall of Fame Class of 2017 is:  


*Wiffle Ball 

*The paper airplane.

That means these nine toys didn't make the cut:  Matchbox cars . . . My Little Pony . . . "Risk" . . . the Magic 8-Ball . . . PEZ dispensers . . . fake food . . . Transformers . . . Uno cards . . . and sand.  Yes, sand.   

There have been 62 other toys voted in since the Hall of Fame was founded in 1998.  Last year's picks were Dungeons & Dragons, Fisher-Price Little People, and the swing. 

(Associated Press)

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