The Meanest Things People Have Ever Done To Their Siblings

Buzzfeed asked people to share the meanest thing they've ever done to a sibling and the results are pretty hilarious! Check out some of our favorites below! 

When I was in the second grade, I emptied an entire thing of toothpaste into the toilet and told my mom my little sister (who was in kindergarten) had done it. Inexplicably, the crazy woman believed me and sent my sister to bed without dinner, and I laughed the whole way to my ice cream cone!

When I was six years old, my older sister and her best friend convinced me that they had a club for picking each others wedgies. Wanting to be included and incredibly gullible I believed them. I picked up on it when the wedgie picking became incredibly one sided.

I was overweight as a teenager and was lounging in front of our family fireplace. My brother came in the room, looked at me and said what are you doing? It’s not going to melt your fat away.

I let the dog lick both sides of my older sisters toast, slapped some peanut butter on top, and brought her a extra special breakfast.

My brother shaved off my left eyebrow the day before my seventh grade valentines dance, to get back at him I dyed his hair BRIGHT PINK the night before his eighth grade pictures

Once my sister wore my brand new shirt without asking and got a stain on it. To get her back, I poured cold water on her bed 30 minutes before her bedtime.

Once when my sister was sun bathing, I dug up an entire bucket of earth worms and dumped them on her. My dad was laughing so hard he couldn’t even yell at me.

Gave my 13 year old brother chocolate laxatives and didn’t tell him what they really were. He pooped himself in target. Oops.

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