LISTEN: 3 Binge Worthy Podcasts

The 'Mystery Show' podcast came out in 2015 but it's not time sensitive. 

The host is the charming, Starlee Kine. She spends each episode solving a real-life mystery. A movie store that disappears overnight, a friend's book being held by Britney Spears in a photo and other random, unexplainable questions that eventually, well, get explained! Give it a listen and let me know what you think. 

Enjoy! The link to listen is below...

A couple bonus suggestions: 

If you like real-life mysteries. 'Up and Vanished' is about Tara Grinstead, the high school teacher and former beauty queen, disappeared from Ocilla-GA in 2005. (If you'll remember, their was a TV special (Dateline of 20/20) about this case. But the podcast SOLVES the crime...

In 'Heavyweight,' Jonathan Goldstein helps people make it right. Just give it a listen- SO GOOD.

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