Looking for somethin’ new, check out my favorite podcast

I am a #30something year old female who is not a little girl anymore but also not quiet an adult either. I am somewhere in the in-between.

That in-between can can be like a roller coaster. HIGHS + LOWS. When I’m in the middle of it all, feeling lost and not knowing which way my feet are pointed I listen to this podcast:

Step Into your Greatness - The Les Brown Smoothe Mixx

Usually blasting at 3AM (wake up time) I walk out feeling found again. Walk out feeling DETERMINED.CONFIDENT. LIKE A FREAKIN LION ready for whatever the day has for me.

I dare you not to smile when he says, “You’re Worth It!” Gives me a superwoman cape everytime.

Take a listen- hope it’s life changing for ya! #DREAMBIGBABY

Find this podcast at: iheart podcast

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