Holiday Heave Cry! Top Movie Scenes That Get Us Every Year!

There is just something about a good "Holiday Heave Cry" that makes the season bright! In no order here's what get me.

There are other moments in "It's A Wonderful Life", but I start snorting and blubbering at "...A toast! To my big brother George..."

ELF! Are you kidding me?!! How do you not bawl when Buddy's Dad finally starts singing? Maybe this post was a bad idea, I'm a mess right now!

Karen was just too cold.  What was Frosty to do? No Frosty! Don't go into the greenhouse!

Ralphie's Dad is so gruff and a lot like my Dad in ways. Then he gets him the "Red Rider" without his Mom knowing......Heave Cry!!!

I needed a laugh! This is the scene that gets me every year. When Kevin's Mom comes home and his neighbor finally gets to hug his granddaughter......where are the tissues?!! CLICK HERE!

Christmas Vacation IS the best Christmas movie EVER! I choke up every time at the ending.

And for good measure, and last of your tears, the Christmas song that will make you cry!

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