What each state has Googled more than any other in 2017

The Daily Dot has put together a list of what each state googled more than any other state!

We compiled a list of the biggest news stories, lists of people who drew our attention, celebrities who passed away, as well as the issues, trends, and events that made Americans pause. Then we ran them all through Google Trends to find out which states searched for these things more frequently than any other state.

Photo: Daily Dot

Here's some of our favorites: 

MINNESOTA: Mary Tyler Moore (actress who passed in 2017) / sexual misconduct / Al Franken allegations / Leeann Tweeden Al Franken / Garrison Keillor allegations

WISCONSIN: Tony Romo announcer (former NFL QB turned announcer) / Russia banned from Olympics 2018 / Randy Bryce

MICHIGAN: symptoms of eye damage from eclipse / Did North Korea launch a missile today? / Giuliani Muslim ban / human trafficking / giant penguin (prehistoric penguin bones as tall as a human discovered in New Zealand)

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