Excuses Cheaters Make That You Shouldn’t Believe

Regardless of the reason for infidelity, some people who cheat will be inclined to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. So here are some excuses/lies experts say cheaters will make that you really shouldn't believe according to Bustle:

  • "I Had To Work Late"
    •  If your partner very rarely works late and they suddenly start working late on a regular basis, more than likely are cheating on you.

  • "I Just Wanted To Grab Drinks With Everyone After Work"
    • Again, this is another one of those things that should only be suspicious if there's a sudden change in behavior. This would need to happen a few times out of the blue to be sure if they're lying or not.
  • "I Was So Drunk, I Don't Remember Anything"

    • Being drunk is never a good excuse, nor does it ever justify one's behavior. If your partner is going to constantly use the excuse that they were drunk and can't remember anything, then a serious discussion about their drinking habits might be necessary.

  • "I Have No Idea Why They Keep Texting Me"
    • If your partner gets sexy texts from someone you don’t know, there's a good chance that they know exactly who those texts are from and why they're doing it.
  • "My Ex Said They'd Leave Us Alone If I Met Up With Them Just One More Time"
    • The reality is, your partner doesn't have to do anything they don't want to do, whether that's meeting their ex for coffee to "catch up" or hook up with them because they said they'll interfering in your relationship.
  • "I Crashed At My Friend's Place Last Night"
    • If your gut is telling you something's up when you hear this, it's definitely something to watch out for.
  • "I Don't Know How That Lipstick Stain Ended Up There"
    • The only way someone’s lipstick can end up on another person’s clothing or face is if someone put it there.
  • "They Came On To Me"
    • Chances are, if they were tempted once, they're likely to do it again.
  • "I Was Lonely"
    • In reality, they're blaming you for the fact that they cheated, which is not OK. Remember that someone cheating on you or treating you poorly in any way is not your fault.
  • "It Was Just ONE Time"
    • There's a lot of deception involved in cheating. So it can get really difficult to believe anything they say after that.
  • "You're Just Paranoid"
    • If someone cheats on you and then says you're just paranoid, they're gaslighting you. Some people try to turn it around on you and manipulate you to make you think you're losing it, which is a form of emotional abuse and is not OK.

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