MUST SEE: Cat Has Been Stealing From Neighbors For Two Years

After two years of random thefts, this neighborhood finally got the thief red-handed...It was Mo, the cat burglar. 

According to the NZ Herald

Cat owner Ed Williams was alarmed when his girlfriend came home one night to find women's underwear at the foot of his bed.

"She wondered what the hell was going on and I couldn't give her an answer. She was like 'Yeah, right!'", Williams told the Herald.

"We then found a bra a couple of weeks later in the back garden and again, that was hard to explain to my girlfriend."

Stray underwear soon turned into a full outfit, and before Williams knew it he had a box full of clothes that wasn't his.

With suspicions high and the neighborhood on edge after the thefts, Williams soon caught his moggy cat Mo in the act.

"We saw Mo run across the road with a T-shirt in his mouth. We put two and two together that it was actually Mo bringing all the clothes over.

"We've had him for two years and it's been happening since day one."

During a two-year period, Mo had swiped up to five boxes' worth of clothing from the neighborhood.

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