Study Reveals the Age When Women Feel Most Confident.

According to a new poll, women in their early 30s feel happiest about the way they look. Hair and skincare brand Healthspan Nurture Replenish asked 2,000 50-year-old women about when they felt most confident in their lives and it turns out, the magic number is 33. That’s when they said they were at an ideal weight, had no wrinkles, and their hair was in good shape.

Of the women polled, 72% admit their overall confidence depends on how they feel about their appearance. When asked about what made their confidence level drop, 62% said weight gain was to blame. Other age-related complaints included age spots, wrinkles, and losing elasticity in their skin.

And 46% of those polled believe confidence doesn’t necessarily come with youth, but that women have higher self-esteem levels as they become more comfortable with themselves. But when they’re feeling badly about their appearance, it affects their lives. Almost one in ten admit they’ve had a fight with a partner about a lack of confidence in their appearance and 14% admit they’ve cancelled plans with friends because of it.

Source: Whimn

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