Rob Gronkowski's Whole House Was Robbed While He Was At The Super Bowl

New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski called 911 at 6:18 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 5, 2018 to report his home in Foxborough, Massachusetts had been broken into. You can hear the 911 call below. 

According to the police report, the crook or crooks broke into the house through a window and raided several rooms.

Fortunately, Rob's bedroom door was locked and the burglar(s) didn't get inside. However, Rob has two roommates -- and both of their rooms were raided. 

According to the police report, the burglary occurred on Sunday evening at 8:50 PM ET -- right when Gronk was playing in the Super Bowl. 

Cops have not said what items were stolen -- but have assured the public they are on the hunt for the perps.


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