Netflix Is Releasing A TON of Content in 2018

US Online Streaming Giant Netflix : Illustration

Netflix is hell-bent on WORLD DOMINATION...and they're apparently using the "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks approach," because they're unleashing an AVALANCHE of original content this year.

The number of new Netflix Originals by the end of the year will be "in the 700 range."  Which is crazy.  And expensive.  They're shelling out $8 billion on original content this year alone.

The majority of those are shows.  There are 30 new anime shows . . . and around 80 will be foreign releases, which may or may not be available in the U.S.  By comparison, in 2016 they only had 126 new original shows, movies, and specials.

And this isn't a joke, they have a record 54 new titles debuting just next month.

Of course, Netflix isn't actively producing ALL of this content- some of it they're buying outright.  But that number does NOT include existing titles that have already hit movie theaters or aired on's only their exclusive stuff.

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