Food Dishes Minnesotans Love

There's no denying it, Minnesotans are very proud! And that includes being proud of food that we serve/eat! So if you're from Minnesota, live in Minnesota or have ever visited in Minnesota, these are the foods that you need to try! 

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Source: Only In Your State

  • Tater tot hotdish

    • Perhaps the most iconic dish in Minnesota cuisine, tater tot hotdish is the ultimate comfort food. It just doesn't get any better than these crispy tots baked with meat and cheese.

Photo: Flickr - srsldy

  • Wild Rice Soup

    • As one of Minnesota's native crops, it makes sense that wild rice has become a staple of our state's cuisine. By far the most popular way to prepare the grain is by adding vegetables, stock — and maybe chicken — to create the creamiest soup you can eat on a chilly winter day.

Photo: Flickr - Little Spice Jar

  • Juicy Lucy

    • The mouthwatering deliciousness of a cheese-filled burger cannot be overstated. Whether you're a believer that Matt's Bar or the 5-8 Club invented this Minnesota classic, it doesn't matter. These burgers are always good, and they'll forever be staples of Minnesota cuisine.

Photo: Flickr - Jessica and Lon Binder

  • Lefse

    • With its strong Scandinavian heritage, it is no wonder that lefse is a Minnesota classic. Many families eat this dish as a tradition during the holiday season, but lefse is good all year. Why? Because it's always a good time to celebrate the tasty treats that many Minnesotans grew up eating.

Photo: Flickr - Jesse Thorstad

  • Sweet Martha's Cookies

    • No trip to the Minnesota State Fair is complete without a trip to Sweet Martha's. This cookie stand always has a line, and for good reason. For a low cost, you get a mountain of warm, gooey cookies. Top it off with all-you-can-drink milk, and you've gotta summertime classic that most Minnesotans grew up eating.

Photo: Flickr - Nicholas Upton

  • Krumkake 

    • Here's another Norwegian treat that many Minnesotans love. This thin, wafery treat is often filled with cream, but it's just as delicious plain. However you eat it, you might be a Minnesotan if you grew up eating this sweet dessert.

Photo: Flickr - madichan

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