Dude Dressed As Elsa Single-Handedly Freed A Boston Police Wagon (Video)

In case you didn't know, Boston got hit with a major snow storm/blizzard on Tuesday, prompting Jason Triplett, a 37-year-old attorney, to dress like Queen Elsa from Frozen.

According to Buzzfeed News

Triplett said he had bought the Elsa costume last year because he thought it would be hilarious to dress like the Disney character during a snowstorm.

With Tuesday's blizzard, he finally had the opportunity to dress like the icy queen of Arendelle.

But when a police wagon got stuck outside the Gallows gastropub where Triplett and his friends were hanging out, the Disney heroine in him went out into the storm and single-handedly helped push the van out of the snow.

Check it out below!

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