Baby Names From The ‘90s That Are Making A Comeback.

Scrunchies are back from the 90s, why not the names? According to UK parenting site BabyCentre, baby names from the 1990s are trendy again.

BabyCentre says the reason for the ‘90s name comeback is the previous trend of giving little ones vintage names that were popular way back in the 1920s and ‘30s. “While these ‘90s names may sound overly-familiar  and even old-fashioned to us ‘80s and ‘90s kids, they’ll be a breath of fresh air among all the Ivy’s and Noah’s at nursery and playgroup,” the  site explains.

These are the ‘90s boys’ names we’ll be seeing more:

  1. Bradley
  2. Daniel
  3. Ryan
  4. Christopher
  5. Lewis
  6. Nathan
  7. Connor
  8. Scott
  9. Nicholas
  10. Peter

And these are the ‘90s girls names set to make a comeback:

  1. Maria
  2. Courtney
  3. Helen
  4. Heather
  5. Bethan
  6. Lydia
  7. Kimberley
  8. Naomi
  9. Abbie
  10. Harriet

Source: Cosmopolitan

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