Band Shocks Crowd By Scattering Ashes Of Dead Bandmate At Award Show

New Zealand band The Headless Chickens surprised onlookers by scattering the ashes of their dead bandmate onstage during an awards ceremony this week. 

According to Music Feeds

The band, who were accepting a Classic Record Award for their 1987 album Stunt Clown at the Taite Music Awards, scattered some of their late bandmate Grant Fell’s ashes onto the stage, in a move which some have deemed culturally inappropriate.

Fell, who died of cancer in January, was scattered on the stage by his bandmate Chris Matthews, who told the crowd, “Grant’s in here… I think Grant probably always wanted to play on this stage.”

Watch video of the scattering, below. (The moment happens at 44:30) 


Some people found it offensive and inappropriate. What do you think? 



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