Woman Who Beat Cancer Three Times Completes Boston Marathon (Video)

Mary Shertenlieb is nothing short of an inspiring human being. Not only has she battled AND beat cancer three times, she just completed the Boston Marathon, even though it took a little longer than she planned. 

According to CNN, Mary had to stop running the marathon Monday after about 15 miles because she was showing signs of hypothermia. Several hours after stopping Shertenlieb crossed the finish line, with her husband Rich by her side. She was the last person to complete this year's marathon.

A steady, cold rain made for a raw, frigid course for runners, and hundreds of them did have to be treated in medical tents for hypothermia.

"At that point, her body began to shiver uncontrollably, her lips turned purple, and because of her compromised immune system, her doctors instructed her to stop running in the rain should this happen," her husband, radio host Rich Shertenlieb, wrote.

But at 8:30 p.m., she started running again, with her husband by her side.

She finally finished the race at 12:18 a.m. Tuesday. People cheered. She hugged her husband. It had been a physically grueling journey. But Shertenleib fought and won -- again.

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