Here's The NFL Draft "Drinking Game"!


The NFL Draft starts tonight and it will be covered in a big way by FOX, ESPN and NFL Network. If you're having an NFL Draft party tonight -- and if you might be skipping work tomorrow -- consider mixing in a drinking game to make things a bit more fun.

Raise your glass and chug whenever …

  • an announcer says the word "need" or "best player available"
  • whenever you see a player who's at the draft on a phone
  • every time there is a trade
  • an announcer mentions Josh Rosen's hot tub in his dorm room
  • a fan base boos their own draft pick
  • anyone mentions Laremy Tunsil's gas mask
  • a team's War Room is shown celebrating
  • an announcer describes a guy as a "workhorse"
  • … or "has a high motor"
  • … or "is a student of the game"
  • … or "a leader"
  • … or "a freak athlete"

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