Wine Kegs Are Now A Thing


Everybody loves a good beer keg, right? But would you try a wine keg?! You can now purchase a keg full of rose wine made by a wine label called Bridge Lane. 

According to Bustle

The label makes five wines — a white merlot, an unoaked chardonnay, a sauvignon blanc, a red blend, and a dry rosé — all of which are available in 750ml bottles, 3L boxes, 375ml cans, and 20L kegs.

The kegs aren’t cheap — each one will set you back $240 — but given that they’ve got the equivalent of nearly 27 bottles of wine inside, they’re by far the most cost-effective option if you’re having a sizeable party. (For the curious, a 750ml bottle of Bride Lane’s rosé is $20, so if you were to buy 27 bottles of the stuff, you’d be spending around $540 — more than twice the cost of a keg.)


Bridge Lane’s kegs are good for up to six months unopened; once you’ve opened or tapped them, they’re good for two days with a regular old keg tap and four weeks in a kegerator. The kegs don’t come chilled, so — particularly if your keg is filled with rosé or one of the whites — you’ll want to make sure you chill yours for at least three hours before you tap it.

Is this something you would try?! 


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