Woman Nearly Loses Sight After Not Removing Mascara For 25 Years

It's probably not a big deal to skip removing your makeup before bed every once in a while, but this woman stopped removing her makeup for 25 years and it caused serious problems! 

According to the Daily Mail: 

Theresa Lynch, 50, from Sydney, sought medical advice after suffering from  eye irritation, discharge and an uncomfortable sensation beneath her eyelids that lubricating gels and eyedrops would not alleviate.

She was shocked when doctors discovered she had hard calcified bumps, known as concretions, under her eyelids.

The lumps posed a serious risk to her vision and it took general anaesthetic and a 90-minute procedure to remove them.

She has decided to share the images on social media as a warning to others to remove their makeup every night! Click here to read more. 

WARNING: The photo below may be graphic! 

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