Dierks Bentley Is Putting A Plane In His Backyard

If you've been to a Dierks Bentley show over the past couple years, you've seen his spectacular "Drunk on a Plane" performance, where he brings an actual cockpit from a plane onstage. But for his Mountain High tour, Dierks decided to switch things up, replacing the stage prop with a different type of plane that actually flies. 

So, what's happening to the cockpit?

“It’s the nose of an airplane with the cockpit and a couple seats. But that thing, the whole airplane, is going into my yard. All the edges need to be sanded off and de-sharpened, if that’s a word. But it’s gonna go in the yard for my kids to, you know, they can use their imagination and have the nose cone of an airplane, and there are two seats in it, so that’s where it’s gonna go.”

You can check out Dierks's new stage setup when he hits a city near you on his Mountain High tour.

Photo: Getty Images


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