Woman Flies 4,000 Miles To "Tag" Friend (Video)

Ten friends have been living out a game of "Tag" for the last four years. The group of friends all met in China four years ago and have been playing ever since. Two players just went viral after one of them flew 4000 miles to "tag" her friend. 

According to Insider

Georgina Wilkinson traveled over 4,000 miles from North Carolina to Loch Lomond, Scotland in order to tag her friend, thereby ridding herself of the burden of being "it."

Drew McEwan was left speechless when Georgina Wilkinson, disguised as a gardener, appeared at his niece's christening, tagged him, and ran away laughing hysterically — directly to the airport, apparently, where she hopped on an eight-hour flight back to North Carolina.

Not only had Georgina been planning the surprise for months, leaning on Drew's siblings for their discretion as well as a ride from the airport, Drew's sister Angela actually offered her own daughter's baptism as the setting for Georgina's elaborate ploy.

It all went down when Drew was tricked by the baptism photographer, who was also in on the joke. He directed McEwan to ask the "gardener" to move out of the background of the shot. That's when Wilkinson revealed herself, tagged McEwan as "it," and made her legendary getaway.

Check out the awesome video below and click here to read more! 

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