Cows Chase Woman As She Runs From Police

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Cops near Orlando got into a high-speed chase with three people in a stolen SUV Monday night.


They eventually crashed the SUV into a ditch, and two of them got arrested.  But a passenger named Jennifer Kaufman tried to get away on foot and ran into a huge field nearby.  Which probably seemed like a good idea at the time.


But what she didn't know was the field had a bunch of angry COWS in it.  And when they saw her, they freaked out and started CHASING her.


A police helicopter got the whole thing on video.  You can see her running with about 20 cows right on her heels.


Cows Help Corral Suspect

Our Alert team assisted the Sanford Police Department on Sunday, tracking down two suspects who crashed a stolen car, bailed out and ran. A herd of cattle provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf!

Posted by Seminole County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, August 7, 2018


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