Interesting Facts About Swearing

Photo: Getty Images

Buzzfeed put together a very interesting list of facts about swearing! Don't worry, all of these are safe for work... Check out some of our favorites below! Click here to see the full list. 

It's illegal to swear in public in Virginia.

If you think that's bad, swearing would've given you the death penalty if you lived in the Byzantine Empire during the sixth century.

"Fart" dates back to 1250, making it one of the oldest obscene words in the English language.

Some automated answering systems are programmed so that if you swear at them, they'll transfer you straight to an operator.

Swearing relieves pain.

Chimps swear, too! Washoe the chimp was shown a "taboo" sign in sign language, which her and her child used when frustrated or angry.

The most obscene state is Ohio. In contrast, the most polite state is Washington.

Andrew Jackson's parrot had to be taken out of Jackson's funeral because it was swearing so much.

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