The Chief Is The King Of Teasing: Eric Church New Music

Eric Church is set to release his new album: Desperate Man in: 41 days. 12 hours. 31 minutes. 15 seconds. until FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5th--- but who is counting?! :)

Eric Church has been my #1 since I saw him play to a small rowdy crowd at The Cabooze what seems like a million years ago. From "Hell on the Heart" to "Livin' Part of Life" I can sing his songs forwards, backwards, after too many shots of whiskey and with no music at all. 

He has been teasing his Church Choir lovers for a few weeks now with new music on social media so I gathered it all up for you-----> Listen and Love. 


twitter: @kiak102 <----> instagarm: kiak102 

my favorite so far.... 

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