Need A Boost? Women List Little Luxuries To Treat Yourself.

I did't realize how much taking a bra off can change an attitude. Here is a list of "Little Things" that make women happy.

Top 20 favorite little luxuries:

1. Getting into a bed with fresh sheets

2. Getting a takeaway instead of cooking

3. A lovely perfume or scent

4. A proper, well-brewed cup of tea

5. The smell of a scented candle

6. Taking off my bra at the end of the day

7. Indulging in a pudding

8. A bubble bath at the end of a long day

9. The smell of fresh laundry out of the machine

10. A new beauty purchase

11. Being given a nice back rub

12. Sleeping in the bed on my own for a night

13. Nice-smelling clothes

14. Buying some jewellery

15. A new lipstick

16. Being at home to watch my favourite day-time talk shows

17. A cocktail in the middle of the daytime

18. Wearing big comfy pants

19. Wearing nice matching underwear

20. Scented fabric conditioner

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