Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans in 5 Photos 9.28-9.30

Friday Night was a snuggle fest. A long week+colder weather had me watching Wreck It Ralph with a little Cheesecake Factory sweet treat in hand. 

If you haven't seen Wreck It Ralph- DO IT- 4 Shinin' Stars. Two Thumbs Way Up. 

We got the call. Austin's deer meat was ready for pick up so we got up before with the sun on Saturday morning and drove to the mini meat shop in Wisconsin. 

--snapped The Big Man upstairs painting the sky-- #breathtaking 

SECRET: I am obsessed with Mom and Pop/Hole In The Wall restaurants. Especially BREAKFAST. I love everything about them. People are always so nice. Portions are massive. Grease is everywhere. The Syrup... can I get an AMEN. 

If we pass a cafe with a worn out sign at sunrise you better believe we are stoppin' 

Thx Main Street-Your pie was to die for. 

we got home around 11AM and were DETERMINED to make it to the last weekend of the Renaissance Festival. 

Oktoberfest was in full swing. There is no better place for people watching or drinking Pirate Booty's x10. I refrained from buying wings but next year I'm all in. HASZA!!! 

You better believe I whipped out the VS long johns. It's was time. #winteriscoming

Bonfire + PJs on early Sunday Afternoon. Football entertained and food filled the tummy. 

HASZA to a quick road trippin' weekend!

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