Las Vegas Survivors To Wed Exactly 1 Year After Shooting (Video)

Yesterday marked the one-year-anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting. Two survivors decided to mark the occasion by getting married. 

According to ABC News

Oshia Collins-Waters and Todd Wienke were among the thousands of country music fans who descended on Las Vegas last year for the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. Both survived the shooting that night and 12 days later Wienke proposed. 

"We both knew exactly where [the wedding] had to be -- it had to be Vegas and it had to be Oct. 1." Collins-Waters told ABC News.

She did not want their children to "remember that day as a day they came very close to losing both of us."

It's now a "day that our families got bigger," she explained. "[We're] taking back that date."

Wienke was shot three times as he shielded Collins-Waters, his then-girlfriend, from the gunfire. The two have worked to overcome the physical and emotional challenges over the last few months, vowing that the tragedy won't "define our lives."

Click here to read more and check out them making their vows below!

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