Our Buddy & MN Sports Legend Is Retiring After 50 Years!

Like so many Minnesota sports fans, current and former athletes, sports organizations, TV and Radio co-workers and friends...I love this man! 

As a young hockey player and fan, I would never miss the State High School Hockey tournament on TV.  There was Rosie! Every day as I drove to Brown Institute after my midday job in downtown Minneapolis I would listen to Rosen on The Cannon Mess, dreaming of my own broadcast future. He was tremendously engaging and gracious when a young broadcaster introduced himself at Vikings Training Camp (1994). He didn't have to, that's Rosie! I really got to know Mark when my wife, Kristi took a job at WCCO TV in 1997. I came up with any reason to have Rosie on "The Wakeup Crew" at K102 - Mark agreed probably because of John Hines and moreover Donna Valentine. 

From working together on Vikings Football Sunday, the fun together up at Eelpout Festival and Chase On The Lake, to laughs and thoughtful conversations in the halls of iHeart....this man is as TALENTED as he is a GREAT PERSON!

Proud to know Mark Rosen as so much more than "The Sports Guy"! You won't find a person that works that many hours, is that gracious, is that much fun to be around!

He's still on at WCCO TV thru March Madness. He's still on at KFAN with The Power Trip and the Common Man.

Congrats Mark Rosen!

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