Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans in 5 Photos 10.5 -10.7

**Friday Night** was a first for me.
I was asked to host the Gala For Bridging- a charity close to my heart. I have worked with Bridging for 10 years but never given the opportunity to speak on their behalf. In front of what seemed like a million people my boots took the stage. 

Speakers who have had their lives changed by Bridging + a wild charismatic Auctioneer + the words of Fran (a few years over 90 but the heart of a 21 year old-the founder) didn't leave a dry eye in the house. 

Over $150,000 were raised in a matter of a few hours with the help of angels all sitting in a beautiful room at the Hilton Hotel on a Friday Night.  

A night I will never forget. 

for more information on how you can help visit: BRIDGING

Saturday early to rise. It was what I like to call the ---FALL TRIFECTA---

1st stop: Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard. I have been going there every October since I was an itty bitty. We spent the afternoon sippin' on some hot cider and collecting a little honey for our mini castle. 

2nd Stop: Severs Fall Festival. My baby with the blue eyes loves challenges so getting lost in a corn maze was on the MUST-DO-LIST. I have no sense of direction so the it was more a game of follow the leader but my view wasn't bad if you know what I'm sayin' :) 

3rd Stop: Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. 

all the chocolate. all the suga suga. all the gummies. all the old school pop bottles. 

hardest question of the day: save the candy for the littles on Halloween or treat myself? 

I was always told **you are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with** so I choose to date a man who believes in pushing yourself. believes in inner strength. believes in goals. 

365 days ago he woke up and said to me, "I want to run the Twin Cities Marathon." A man who despises running. Being his biggest cheerleader I grabbed my pom poms and said "I can't wait to see it happen." 

Sunday was a day he has been waiting for. The countdown clock finally hit zero. 

26.2 Miles. What started as a goal ended as reality. Sore feet+Tight Neck+Strained Muscles. With a thumbs up and smile flashed my way he crossed the finish line a little after 5 hours. 

I have never been more in awe of him. He can now say, "I am a Marathon Runner." 

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