Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans in 5 Photos 10.19 -10.21

26 years. My Gladiator has been on this earth for 26 years! 

Birthdays have always been EPIC in my family. Massively Excessive. You get a single day to honor a certain person. A day made just for them. Why not go big for those you love...

This year I surprised Austin with an RV and camping trip to Frontenac State Park. I gave him some mystery keys when he got home from his 9-5 and told him that RV down the street -ya- its packed and ready to go.. all he has to do is get in and drive.  

His smile said it all. SURPRISE SUCCESS! our little home on wheels made 26 one for the books. 

Shout Out To: Cruise America 

they said it was going to and I didn't believe it... 

it SNOWED. Mark it down ** OCTOBER 20th ** woke up to snow flakes fallin' just as the sun was coming up to say good mornin.' 

We sipped on hot coffee playing TROUBLE from inside the RV watching Minnesota do what it does best. let it snow, let it snow!

once the flakes slowed we went on a 5mile hike. The views were breathtaking. The leaves were something out of a dream. twist and turns all afternoon made for some ::you have to see it to believe it:: moments. 


I didn't win a single game but hey it wasn't my birthday. If anyone asks, I let him walk away a champion. 

when in **Red Wing** do what Red Wingers do.. GAMBLE with that money hunny. This was my first time playing Roulette and you better believe this girl walked out a winner. ($40 big ones)

::::Kia-1::::Treasure Island Resort & Casino-0::::(thanks for the gas money to get us home) 

Happy Birthday Love. My favorite thing to do is celebrate you. 

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