CAUTION SCARY CONTENT: Kia's TOP 5 Favorite Halloween Movies

Halloween is BIG in our family and my Dad was the master mind behind the BOOS! and the SCREAMS! 

One thing he was never short on was movies to watch. Popcorn in hand and a blanket in case things got to scary. We sat near the fireplace every year ready to JUMP at every loud noise and hide together when things got too much for the eyes. 

PRACTICAL MAGIC: My Sister and I played this one on repeat. FUN FACT: I used a quote from this movie during my Sister's wedding speech. 

THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: My dad saw the original Texas Chainsaw at a Drive-In in the 70s. He tells the story of his father scaring him with a skeleton later than night when he tried to sneak back into the house past curfew. 

::Passing on family tradition:: after I saw the remake- my dad scared me with a skeleton hanging in a closet when I came home from the theater later that night 

I don't think I have ever SCREAMED and .... LAUGHED so hard. 

SAW 1: I will NEVER forget watching this movie in a St. Cloud, MN movie theater. It was just before Halloween and my sister had come to visit me at college. I swear I sat at the edge of my seat-- hands covering my eyes the entire time. 

The Ending... That is all I am going to say.. THE ENDING! UNREAL. 

THE SHINING: Classic. Jack Nicholson will forever haunt my dreams. 

I visited The Stanley Hotel in Colorado -where this movie was made- my freshman year of college. I got to the steps.. tried to go in...but failed. Nerves got the best of me. This may be just a movie but I promise you ::That Hotel:: something is not right inside.  

POLTERGEIST: My Number 1. I watched this for the first time on the living room floor with my Dad. He threw blankets over me during the scary parts and snuck Kit Kats in my pockets making me promise I wouldn't tell Mama we watched it. 

It has been more than 15 years now and I have never missed a Poltergeist + Halloween movie night. 

Good Luck with the Nightmares MUHAHAHAHA! 

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