Muss' Most Terrifying Horror Villains & Why - See If You Agree

#1 The Master - Salem's Lot 1979

Have you heard people go off about the movie wasn't as good as the book? This is why I don't read, I'm never disappointed in the movie adaptation. I did this backwards. I watched the movie first, then I read the book.  The Master freaked me out (still does), the book is better!

#2 Jason Voorhees! 

Did you know that the famous goalie mask did not appear until "Friday The 13th Part 3"? That was the one that was in 3D.  It's a terrible movie actually, the iconic mask was born! 

Side story: I was 9 years old when I watched the first "Friday The 13th". My family was on vacation, summer of 1981, and we watched it on HBO at Arrowhead Resort in Alexandria, MN.  And yes it was a lakeside, ground level room with an easy to break through sliding glass door.  What was my Mom thinking?

#3 Pinhead from Hellraiser

This villain creeps the crap out of me! Just look at him. You don't even have to hear him speak (which is also sups-creepy). You don't hear "they are such a pinhead" now-a-days, because of this f-in' guy!!

#4 Michael Meyers - Halloween 1978

Here's a scary thought, remember when no one owned a VCR? Scarier, a BETAMAX or if you were super rich a VideoDisc player. We used to have to RENT the VCR & VHS movies from the "Video Store"! Worse yet, you had to leave your house and take FOREVER for everyone in your family pick out movies. Then more terrifying, you had to return everything like the next day! It was under that pressure that I first watched HALLOWEEN. If you think it's crazy how the killer just walks and somehow catches up to even the most fleet-of-foot, the "Video Max" people were more efficient at catching you when you were late on return. I also realized it kinda sucks to have the same name as a famous horror film villain. Thanks Michael Jordan for making it cool again to be named Mike!

#5 Freddy Krueger - Nightmare On Elm Street 1984

Okay, my name is Michael and I grew up on ELM STREET in Owatonna! My neighbor's name was Jason. My middle name is Frederick "Freddy". This villain is both terrifying but also has some great "one-liners", so I'm a little torn. But when adults know the story behind Freddy, and were also the reason their kids are being tormented in their dreams...holy crap! They burned the boogie man and now their children have to pay - not a political statement (the political ads are more scary than any of these listed).

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