Kia’s Weekend Shenanigans in 5 Photos 5.2-5.4

do you ever have those weeks. those weeks where a little tequila is all you need to make the world right again? Pass me the extra queso while your at it on a Friday. And make the drinks a double. 

Just call me Cinderella on a Saturday. Winter is coming--> that means it is time to change all the dressers, put away the daisy dukes and swap them with mittens and down jackets. 

4 hours later the house is now spotless+ 2 Rooms Rearranged+ Snowflake Decorations up and Hot Cocoa on the stove. 

Austin and I felt a little reward for doing chores all day was a ::MUST:: 

We got the game -the hunter- I'm not the greatest shot but my eyes can spot a deer coming from a mile away. I am embarrassed to tell you how long we played so we will just avoid that question all together. 

(gamers:: I recommend) 

Sunday loving from Miss B... Austin's family pup. She has this whole family+me wrapped around her paws for obvious reasons. I could snuggle up with her forever. 

My younger sister lives in Switzerland. My mom lives at the Mall (haha) 

Sometimes the girls in our family just need a little girl time. 3-way FACE TIME filled with giggles, gossip and bad jokes is how I spent my Sunday afternoon. Mom is still figuring out how technology works bless her heart. 

Miss my sister. always. but these phone calls fill my heart. 

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