Five Days In! Recipe Updates and More!

We are about six days into the AIP elimination phase and the latest podcast shares how its been going plus challenges that have come up! 

I (TJ) could NOT finish the chicken lemon soup, both my fiancé and I got SO sick that night. On the other hand Amy added nitrate free bacon, carrots and celery and loved it!

Here are some links to our recent recipes 

AIP Ranch- tastes SIMILAR to Ranch, not the real thing of course but will def get you by and it really is good! I plan to dip my sweet potato chicken poppers in it for lunch! 

I made this Sweet Potato Apple Hash you will LOVE, helps with the sweet and carb cravings. Perfect for breakfast! 

Amy also made some AIP Lemon bars and Banana bread I'm going to try and make myself so I can take it with me when I travel this weekend, that seems like an easy thing to throw in my purse when I need a snack or something 

I was also met with my first out to eat challenge but my sister in law was willing to meet me at Foxy Falafel, they have AIP meals and mannnn was it good!  Most of everything at their place is Gluten free, Paleo, or vegan, I got one of everything AIP to take home. These are the pork tacos, shells made with homemade plantains. So good! 

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