NETFLIX Keeps "FRIENDS"! It Cost Them! My 3 "Must Watch" Shows

See how much it cost to keep FRIENDS and I give you 3 of my favorite "Gotta See" NETFLIX Shows.

Netflix had to pay serious money to keep "Friends". They reportedly paid between $70 million and $100 million for 2019. Up to now, they'd been paying $30 million a year.

Here are my 3 "Must-Watch" NETFLIX Shows!


You start thinking, "why do I care about this perfect family?"

You'll end saying, "Bleeping Kevin!"


Jason Bateman is awesome in this role! So Laura Linney! This is a "wring your hands, what else could go wrong" fantastic show!

"The Kominsky Method"

Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin should say enough, but wait for the cameos! This funny, endearing, sad, and hilariously ridiculous!

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