Worst Parts of the Internet: Birdbox Challenge

Welcome to "Worst Parts of the Internet" a new segment where I talk out my feelings on whats happening on the web. Spoiler alert, its mostly negative.

We've all been bombarded with the new Netflix movie 'Birdbox' over the past few day. I haven't seen it. Based on all the memes I've seen I think I get it. Walk around with a blindfold because seeing the whatevers is bad. Right? Cool.

Want to talk about a movie? Great. I'll take all the #Analysis you've got. Fan theories? Big fan. Get crazy with it all. I've asked this question in multiple years now but, HOW DESPERATE ARE WE FOR CONTENT? Is there really nothing else to do? Didn't you get something cool for Christmas that you're not bored of yet? Nope lets film each other "falling" all over the place.

I think the real #BirdboxChallenge should be watching it and not taking to social media about it. You up for it?

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