Teen Girl Spits In Salsa At Store And Puts It Back On Shelf (Video)

A video has gone viral of a teenager spitting into a salsa at a Walmart and then putting it back on the shelf. 

According to Yahoo

The Snapchat video was shared Friday by Facebook user Grace Evans, a store clerk at QuikTrip in Kansas, who allegedly attended West High School with the girl who shot the video. “This is what I see on Snapchat,” Evans wrote on Facebook. “A girl spitting in salsa at Walmart and putting it back on the shelf.. like WTF. IDK how people can go to sleep peacefully at night after doing stuff like this for literally no reason. This video isn’t to harm anyone, it’s just something I saw that has been bothering me all morning.”

Check out the video below... 

Evans told KAKE that she is friends with the teen who shot the video. “She was a very good person, very good,” said Evans. “I mean, she did all her deeds in the leadership program that we were in, and she’s just kind of started rebelling lately so she’s definitely changed and it’s a letdown.”

However, a girl who acknowledged her involvement in the video, wrote on Snapchat, “For anyone who thinks we left the salsa at Walmart, we didn’t. We ended up buying it,” and the post was shared on Facebook.

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