101-Year-Old Says His Secret To A Long Life Is Coors Light (Video)

Wanna live a long time? Stop exercising and eating right and start drinking beer instead. At least that's what this 101-year-old would tell you. He said the reason for his longevity is drinking Coors Light every day at 4pm. 

According to Denver CBS

He says he’s been drinking his daily beer for too many years to count. It all started when he was much younger. 

“I was mowing my lawn at about four o’clock. When I was finished with the lawn, I’d have my Coors Light. That’s when it hit the spot.”

Andrew thinks it might just be the secret to his longevity, “I can sit here and drink this all day it’s like a medicine.”

So, if you wanna live a long time, you should stop exercising and eating right, and start drinking beer instead!

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