I Call Shenanigans: Costco 27 Pound Bucket of Mac

Ok lots of problems here. 

1. First of all everyone is saying this bucket is 27 pounds. Take 2 seconds and read people. It clearly says 23lbs and 6 oz. That's only 88% of the 27 lbs you've seen all over the internet. If I exaggerated myself by 12% I'd get called out on it.

2. The bucket is not full of prepared mac & cheese. It is full of 180 individual servings. This is bucket full of 180 chores, not just a scoop and mac situation.

3. Even if it was full of ready to eat mac, who the hell has the mouths to feed to get rid of all 23 lbs and 6 oz of it? Sure carbs a delicious but this isn't practical. Do you have the pantry to store this? If you do I'd love to check out your fallout shelter sometime. Secret hideouts are cool as hell.

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