Would You Try It: Peeps Coffee Creamer

SO many questions. 

I understand that flavored coffee creamer exists for people who don't like coffee but like caffeine and dessert. The girl scouts have creamer flavors and I'm all for that, Thin Mint coffee? Bring it on. Caramel Delights? A match made in heaven. But Marshmallow Peeps?? The marshmallow has limited applications to begin with; useful in s'mores, hot cocoa and basically only chocolate based desserts. (EDIT: My aunt makes "Payday bars" and they're amazing and uses mini mallows.)

So to pair marshmallows with different colors of sugar and calling them candy is a risky move in my part to begin with but has payed off. They are an Easter classic. But that's where it stops.

What cup of coffee could be made better by this creamer? What flavor does it have? Green sugar? If you buy this we're probably not gonna be friends. 

So what's next for International Delights? Smartees? Skittles? Hell give me a Twizzler Pull and Peel flavor and we can just ruin coffee forever.

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