Top 10 Reasons Americans Say They Aren't Working Out More

Hi I'm Joel. I'm no shining beacon of health. However I've made improvements over the past few years. I lost 65 pounds over the span of 15 months (I've put 20 of that back on) by just making simple adjustments in my diet and hitting the gym. That's why I'm back there almost every day. It helps.

It doesn't take some massive commitment every day. Give yourself a half hour in front of the TV doing body weight exercises or something. Pushups and situps are great, they were on the Presidential fitness test for a reason haha. Just know you're never too old to get started, I'm sure the ripped dude I see at the gym with the white hair could vouch for that.

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Top 10 Reasons Americans Don't Work Out

  1.  I don’t have time 42%
  2. I don’t have the motivation 35%
  3. I don’t like exercising 25%
  4. Work gets in the way 23%
  5. I feel too old 23%
  6. I don’t see results 22%
  7. Don’t have equipment at home 21%
  8. It’s too expensive 20%
  9. It’s inconvenient 19%
  10. Gym is too far away 18%

Top 9 Results People Think They'd have

  1. More energetic 68%
  2. More motivated 64%
  3. Happier 59%
  4. More focused 59%
  5. Less stressed 57%
  6. Less likely to fall ill 53%
  7. Less tired 52%
  8. More successful 48%
  9. More outgoing 42%

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