Here's How I Choose My 'Comfort Binge' Shows...

I'm reading an article on right now and it's got me thinking about the shows we comfort binge at our house. 

What exactly does 'comfort binge' mean? 

The story describes it as "The TV show people turn to in their coziest, laziest, or most bored moments..." (mashable)

I realized, we do that a lot at our house. We have three go-to sitcoms:

  1. 'The Office'

  2. 'Parks and Rec'

  3. 'Frasier'

We rotate these three when we're in the living room and doing the-- I want something on TV but I'm not really committed to watching TV-- type thing.

Since fall, we've been exclusively watching 'Frasier' before we fall asleep. Yes, we have a TV in our bedroom. For some people I realize it's unthinkable, but for us it works. Whenever the show runs through all its episodes (we're at about 2 times now) I've found myself just restarting it, instead of rotating. 

I just realized why.

On Netflix, you skip the intro of sitcoms BUT you have to push the button each time. The theme songs for 'Office' and 'Parks' are super loud! If I'm just about to fall asleep and hear this blaring on the TV...

I sit up and start looking for the remote to skip the intro. 

'Frasier,' on the other hand, has a quick little "doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-dooooo" and then the show starts. It's the perfect sitcom to fall asleep to!

What are your 'comfort binge' shows?


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